Teeth Whitening From Your Dentists in Oakville Is Just A Call Away

Black woman 30s in dental chair head tilted back with a big smile

Do you avoid smiling around others? Are you worried people look at you differently because of your discoloured teeth? At 2th Dental @ Glenashton, we know what that’s like. After all, as dentists in Oakville, our job is to understand all of the different concerns you may have with the condition of your teeth – and the solutions available to …

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Be Prepared! Avoid Emergency Dentistry in Oakville With These 5 Tips

A mom with three kids laying in the grass with a soccer ball.

It’s An Emergency! Do you know what to do to save a tooth until you can find emergency dentistry in Oakville? Kids of all ages play hard, and dental emergencies will happen. So, to help you be prepared, we’ve compiled a list of the common oral injuries we see at 2th Dental @ Glenashton and how to treat them until …

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A Night Guard In Oakville Will Prevent Grinding Damage

Woman with night guard sleeps peacefully

Your tooth enamel is the strongest substance in your entire body. This strong but brittle tooth layer is made up of 96% mineral content, but that doesn’t make it invincible. In fact, if you’re among the estimated 13% of people who suffer from teeth grinding or teeth clenching (bruxism), you could be causing serious damage. At 2th Dental at Glenashton, …

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Preserve Your Beautiful Smile with Root Canal Therapy

close up of a 20-something woman holding her jaw in pain

Before you read any further, let’s get something out of the way. Root canal therapy – an amazing dental technique that repairs and saves teeth – gets a bad rap. Despite its proven success, amazing outcome, and modern-day technique, we still hear patients ask when treatment is completed, “Wow, is that it?!” This is because the pain associated with root …

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Partial Crowns From Your Dentist In Oakville For Minimally Invasive Tooth Repair

a brunette in her 20s looking over her shoulder and about to bite into a shiny green apple

Have you ever heard someone mention dental inlays and onlays? If not, that’s OK! Many people are unfamiliar with this restorative treatment … until they visit us at 2th Dental @ Glenashton, their dentist in Oakville. Some background … Gold inlays were primarily used to restore tooth structure affected by decay. Nowadays, they are used the same way but are …

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Dentist in Oakville Uses Technology For Your Comfort And Convenience

As dentists in Oakville, at 2th Dental @ Glenashton, we refuse to compromise on the level of quality care we offer. Part of that commitment is the use of diagnostic technologies because they provide many advantages for you – our valued patient. In this blog … I’ll talk about the technology that helps us better determine the state of your …

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Restoring Your Smile After A Tooth Extraction

Last month, we blogged about the reasons you may need a tooth extraction. As your dentist in Oakville, at 2th Dental @ Glenashton, we also have ways to restore your teeth if your tooth extraction left you with a gap in your smile that changes how well you chew, speak, and feel around other people. Another consideration is that spaces …

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A Tooth Extraction Primer – First In A 2-Part Series!

As a dentist in Oakville, at 2th Dental @ Glenashton, a tooth extraction is one of the most common procedures we do besides regular dental hygiene care and thorough oral health checkups. And while we’ll always do our best to treat your tooth to save it, there are many reasons why pulling one or more teeth may be necessary, depending …

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Dentures Could Be Your Total Smile Solution

As your dentist in Oakville, at 2th Dental @ Glenashton, we provide full & partial dentures and can restore your natural appearance and your ability to eat and speak. For many people, dentures remain the treatment of choice for missing teeth. Dentures are removable, custom-fitted replacement teeth that are crafted from strong, durable materials like acrylic resin which can be …

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Are You A Candidate For Dental Implants In Oakville?

Getting a smile boost is about more than vanity. By repairing problems like missing or damaged teeth with crowns or a dental bridge in Oakville, you can have the pleasing – and functional – smile you’ve always dreamed about. How do I know if I am a candidate for dental crown or bridge treatment? A dental crown is recommended for …

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